Henri Matisse all’opera

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“Per quanto mi riguarda, disegnare e dipingere sono la stessa cosa. Un disegno è un dipinto eseguito in maniera più semplice”.


Un articolo recentemente apparso su Openculture.com riportava due eccezionali documenti video, in cui Matisse esegue alcuni schizzi del nipote Gerard nel suo atelier di Nizza e realizza uno dei suoi celebri découpages. Di seguito un estratto del testo (in inglese) e il link alla pagina.

In April of 1946, a camera crew recorded the scene as the great French artist Henri Matisse sat down at his easel to make a charcoal sketch of his grandson, Gerard, at his his home and studio in Nice. The brief clip above is from a 26-minute film by François Campaux which was commissioned by the French Department of Cultural Relations. Alas, we’ve been unable to find the entire film online, but you can watch a 15-minute German version on YouTube, or you can visit a Web page at the Art Institute of Chicago for a group of higher quality silent excerpts from the film, accompanied by explanatory captions. In the clip above, we hear Matisse speaking in French. Here is a translation:

Me, I believe that painting and drawing are the same thing. Drawing is a painting done in a simpler way [or with “limited/reduced resources”]. On a white surface, a sheet of paper, with a plume [or “pen”] and some ink, one creates a certain contrast with volumes; one can change the quality of the paper given supple surfaces, light [or clear] surfaces, hard surfaces without always adding shadow or light. For me, drawing is a painting with limited means/resources.




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